White Card Information

A White Card is a legal prerequisite for all employees working on construction sites in Australia.
'World Tec College (WTC)’ White Card training is conducted by its Registered Training Organisation (RTO): Other Trade name is EMH Industries supported by EM Hauri Pty Ltd. Our price for White Card Training is a low $49. For only $49 you can start training any time and have your results in 24 hours.
Our White Card unit is approved in all States and Territories of Australia: NSW, Vic, Qld, SA, WA, Tas., NT and ACT and the White Cards issued by World Tec College are also valid in all states and territories of Australia.

Terms & Conditions

WTC has a strong commitment to achieving high standards in the delivery of Education and Training and in the provision of all other Trainee services.
Legislative Requirements
WTC will comply with the legislative requirements of all Governments in Australia, State and Federal, with special attention paid to: Work Place Health and Safety, Anti Discrimination and Equal Opportunity and Workplace Relations.
Quality Management
WTC is committed to providing high quality service with special emphasis on continuous improvement. We encourage feedback from all stakeholders including our trainers, industry representatives and especially our students.



  • The Simplicity of the whole experience, combined with the concise training material makes this probable they best online course i have taken. Well done Guys.

    Jennifer Evans

  • Very efficient, wasn't time consuming but still covered everything important. Reasonable rate as well. Will definitely recommend it to friends.

    James Walter

  • I have done a lot of inductions over the years, and I thought yours was well done overall.

    Brad Williams


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